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Emelia Brock

Updated: Jan 27

Emelia “Teddie” Cumpata Brock passed away peacefully at Charleston Place in Fulton, MS on January 21, 2021. She was 99 years old. Emelia was a loving soul who was loved in return by her family and all of her friends. She will be missed.

Emelia was born on June 26, 1921 in Aurora, Illinois, the second daughter of John and Valeria Cumpata. Teddie had seven brothers and sisters - Alex (Compton), Eli, Frank, John, Eugenia Furr, Ortenzia (Tange) Adams, and Anna McCrimmon. She came by her nickname when someone said that she was lovable like a teddy bear, and the name stuck. Her parents emigrated to the U.S from Eastern Europe through Ellis Island in New York. Hard work, independence and a spirit of helping others were central themes in the Cumpata household and Teddie learned those lessons well. Energetic, determined and intelligent, she landed a job at Sears in Waukegan, Illinois and soon became the manager of the candy department. She stayed for 32 years. Her nieces, nephews and others were the children she never had, and she spoiled them in every way. One of her nephew’s early years were filled with medical issues. Teddie gave him a bike for his birthday and loved him like a son. A young girl who worked at Sears needed some help and a place to stay. Teddie took her in and became her lifelong surrogate mother. Her nieces and nephews remember the gifts of candy at birthdays and family reunions, and all the love she showed them. Candy wasn’t the only gift Teddie was known for. An excellent seamstress with a great sense of humor, many of her female friends and family were recipients of Teddie’s hand sewn underwear. This always brought a laugh and a heartfelt thank you for such an unexpected and unusual gift. In the early 70’s, she purchased property between Tremont and Red Bay with her husband Frank and carved a farm out of the woods. Building the farm and keeping up the house was hard work, but the result was beautiful. Teddie loved her farm, the animals (even the bull that got out of the pen at 5 AM) and the crops. Most importantly, she loved the lifelong friends she made in the area. She was a good and faithful member of Christ the King Catholic Church in Fulton and enjoyed fellowship with her friends at Altar Baptist Church. In 2017 she moved from the farm to an apartment at Charleston Place in Fulton. This was a big change, but she approached it in typical Teddie fashion, organizing exercises before mealtime with her new and wonderful friends. She was especially fond of the staff at Charleston Place and was eternally grateful, as her family is, for all the care and kindness they showed her. Their thoughtfulness, and the comfort Amanda Wood and hospice provided for Teddie in her last days, can never be repaid. Teddie leaves behind her sister Anna McCrimmon, 27 nieces and nephews, Pat Levrouw, the devoted girl from Sears who became like a daughter to her, grand and great grand nieces and nephews, and many, many good friends. A memorial service will be 2:00 pm Saturday, January 30, 2021 at Altar Baptist Church, Golden, MS. In lieu of gifts or flowers, Teddie would like you to give your family and all those who care for others a big hug and tell them you love them. Senter Funeral Directors is assisting with arrangements.

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